The Element Does Velvet Revolver
by Maria (May 2005)

Nothing is hotter than the band Velvet Revolver.  And do you know what can be much hotter than going to a Velvet Revolver Concert?  For a local band, the hottest gig is actually doing a gig at a Velvet Revolver Concert.

Congratulations to the band "The Element" for winning the spot to play at the Velvet Revolver show this summer in our beloved town.  Out of hundreds or thousands of demo tapes sent to WMMR, a local station, The Element was the lucky band picked to do the honor.

The Element definitely deserved the spot.  If you read the review about them (Jan 2005) or you've been to one of their shows, you know why they got the opportunity to jam at that concert.  These talented guys can put on a show and blast an astounding sound.

Good luck to you guys and enjoy this awesome gig.  It is your time to shine!

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