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With long silky blonde hair and baby faces, the Element has band members who can be mistaken as the Hanson Brothers during their years of puberty. But once you hear the Element play,,, hey this band is not do wop at all!

They are such a hard core rock band! They're performance was pumped and was highly energetic that Saturday night at the Grape Street Pub with almost 120 followers who were singing their original songs. Their following was obviously crazy about them. The guitarist is in 5 different places at one time and the other guitarist and bassist were all over the stage too. The beat was pumping due to the drummer, Joe, who rocked the place because the Grape Street pub was vibrating and the crowd was getting really hyped. I also dig the shirtless dude, Adam, his body art is hot.

We only saw one set of the Element and it's hard to give a fair review. I hoped that they would have played more songs so I could write more about their music. But we will be seeing this band again because they are a whole lot of fun. And I have a crush on Wayne because he looks like he's related to the Hanson Brothers- Long blond hair and a baby face. Then I wonder if he was too young to be playing there or better yet, if I was too old to be digging him---Awww!

Tommy (front man), Joe (drummer), Adam (guitar), Buda (bassist), Wayne (guitar)

Original CD

Different hot bars in the tri-state area.

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