Justin, Jeff and Drew are members of the band named, DangerO’s.  This cleverly named original band is from Philadelphia. DangerO’s plays alternative rock influenced heavily by pop. 

    During their performance, the band performed songs from their CD and played one set.  I liked the glasses and hat that the guitarist, Jeff was wearing (so cool).  In addition, the band was energetic and lively.  Unfortunately, the band needs to do a sound check before their performance.  The instrumentals where too over powering and it was hard to hear their lyrics.  Also, their amplifier and volume was turned way too high (It’s a small bar, not a football arena).

    At the end of their performance, the band sells their CD entitled, “Nightmare in Pink”.  DangerO’s Nightmare in Pink, contains five tracks.  Included in those tracks are their songs: “The Go Girls A Go Go.” and “Nightmare in Pink”. Justin has a great voice and their songs have great guitar and drum beats.  Their CD is for sale for $3, it was a bargain because their songs are good and I could listen to it again and again.

    Over all, I enjoyed interviewing the band- they were down to earth, funny, witty and friendly. I really liked their CD and Justin’s voice. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy their performance. However, I would like to see this band again (just don’t turn the volume too high).

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