Crystal Roxx 2/05
By: Stephanie

I want to start this review by mentioning Anthony Baker’s name.  One of the premium drummers in our Philadelphia area.  The first time I saw Crystal Roxx play, Baker left a lasting impression on me.  I always end up comparing him to all the drummers I see play.   He had a “solo time” on stage the first night I saw Crystal Roxx, which was about a ten minute drum playing routine, that captivated everyone’s attention in the bar.  Not to mention the revolving drum set (with the drummer playing of course).   

All together though, Crystal Roxx can put a quiet pub to a thrilling, leaping, rocking room!!!  From songs of Nine Inch Nails to Switch Foot, Crystal Roxx definitely has the energy that got me on my feet and jam with the rest of the crowd!  Totally a terrific power group that can engage everyone to party. 

Going back to Baker.  Most bands fluctuate themselves through their front man.  Although  their lead singer has a riding synth-driven rock talent that also got my attention, I can’t help but think and wonder how the drummer can perfectly perform while spinning.  The guitarist is also astonishing but then again, I am still bothered by the fact that the drummer was freaking playing the drums while the drum set was revolving! 

Sounds crazy right, but go out and check out Baker, I mean Crystal Roxx, and you’ll know what I mean.

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