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Submitted Articles

Kristen and the Noise

I saw Kristen and the Noise  on a Thursday night.  They ROCK!! It is not the first time I've been out to a show, but seriously kids, check 'em out, they are awesome.  All the band members are wonderful, and some real incredible talent.


Fat City Reprise

I caught Fat City Reprise about two weeks ago. I'd have to say that you'd have to see them a couple of times to really appreciate their music. Maybe it's just me, but I sure had to "get used" to their music. Hearing them the first time, well... was kinda boring. The second time I saw them, I  guess their music kind of grew into me a little bit. After listening to the cd's they hand out at their shows, my opinion would be that their live sound is way better than the ones in the studio (for now).



Split Decision

Hey I just turned 21 earlier this year and have been going out clubbin pretty often. I donít really have much to compare to but I think that Split Decision is a great band.  I saw them the other day at a local club and they were just so entertaining. I have never heard of them before that but a friend of mine had, she made me go to the show and I was so happy I did!! They do cover songs but they just make the songs their own and performed so intensely that the song becomes even better than the real version!! And their new edition Mike on the keyboards was soo good and so HOT!!! Well needless to say I am a new fan now and will be for a long time.

*~MJ, from Havertown~*



Fat City Reprise

I can't believe that anyone would have anything bad to say about Fat City Reprise. Are ya out of your mind? Come on Dude, get over it, Jealousy never gets anyone anywhere! Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about. I think >many, many people would agree with me when I say "Get the shit out of your ears and give Fat City the credit they deserve". They are a kick ass band, who always put on a phenomenal show. They always leave you begging for more. They love their fans and always let them know how much they are appreciated. It's so sad that someone has nothing better to do than badmouth a great band. All five guys from Fat City Reprise have amazing talent and the ability to rock you right where you stand. Not to mention, have ya seen them, They're HOT!! But that is besides the point. We all know Fat City Rocks us to the point that we can't breath. That is just the Awesomeness that is Fat City, the band that we all love. So to all the haters out there, deal with it, Fat City's got this bitch on lock, YA HEARD!!




I have seen Fat City Reprise quite often over the last year and a half or
so. They are an awesome band. They have alot of talent and great stage
presence. The bring in huge crowds to every place they play at. Everyone
is always dancing and singing along with their songs. Not only are they
talented, but they love the people who come out to see them. Because they
appreciate their fans so much, they give out their demos for free. They
are an awesome band and everyone should check them out.

-Jill, from South Philly



Hey what's up. I was checking out your site on Philly bands (very
cool!)and wanted to tell you guys about a band you may have heard of, A
BAND CALLED "X". They used to be called X THEORY and changed it about a year ago.

Anyway, they are a great band to see live. I do marketing work for them
and I love these guys. Every show I go to you see the whole place turn
their heads and watch them play. They're not one of those party bands
that gets lame with like props and stuff. It's more like a concert and
you get sucked into watching them do their thing.

They are so different from anything out there with all the hip-hop they
play in addition to a great rock selection. I have seen lots of bands and
you remember certain things about each one. With these guys you remember
the energy and power from the lead singer Riard Brown (ask any band that
has seen him) and you remember Ray Ramos and how he KILLS anyone else out there trying to rap. Also the drummer is cute, you remember that too.
by Megan



Fat City Reprise

Iíve seen this band a bunch of times. Not only do people leave when they play, but they donít really perform as good as they should. The crowd doesn't really get hyped and they sing songs that people canít get into. Besides not performing well, their personalities are horrible! They have that attitude like they are better than everyone and they need to come down from their high horse and join the rest of us down here.



The Element

I'm not really into the whole "rock&roll" thing but I am absolutely in love with that band The Element! They have everything going for them in my respect and I think they should be played on the airways and in every band possible.
by Sasha


Animal House

Animal House is a really good cover band.  I have seen them many times and actually traveled around the city (they are that good) to see them perform.  I nominate them for band of the month for March and think they would be interested in interviewing as well.




So everyone remember that hot guy (chooch or bobby-tall, light hair, blue eyes, so fine!!) from the Loop?  Well, he's back with a hot new band.  They are called Blindspot and they are debuting at the Pennant this Saturday, Feb. 19th, 2005!!!!  Get there early because they go on around 9:30.  They will play 2 sets then the Loop is playing the last 2 sets.  It is guaranteed to be a great time with tons of people, hot band guys, music, and great drink specials!!!!  Check it out for a great time. --Nikki



Split Decision

I do my share fair of clubbin around our city of brotherly love and have seen most of the cover bands out there. The reason I'm writting you is because I always seem to come back to one band in particular, that band is Split Decision. It may be partly due to I love just about every song they play, but they play it well. Everyone in the audience always seems to have a blast when Split is performing, and they (the band) not only genially seem to love what they do, but they have doing it. I am new to your website and I am not sure if or how many articles you have done about Split but let me tell you from a fan of music and the local music scene in particular, these guy rock! Mark, Plymouth Meeting, PA




Are you for real? Did you give a favorable review on the Rockets. I have to disagree to the reviews you posted on them. What are you thinking? I know that there are real talents in this group but they need some changes. Some of their performances are out of tune and some bandmembers are bad performers (poor contact with the audience). I used to like this band and watches them regularly but some of the new band members need to go and bring back the old and better ones. I urge their management to make some changes because I would hate to give up Sundays at Route One if this situation continues. My message is simple and direct, the band needs to stop fronting and start singing songs that fit their abilities. Disappointed


Dr. Cooper

HOPPERíS (formerly of the Rockets) NEW BAND!!!

Hey!! There is an awesome new band on the circuit called Dr. Cooper featuring Hopper formerly of the Rockets!!! They are a young, good-looking four piece consisting of Hopper on guitar and lead vocals, Mini Dave on Keys and vocals, Heggs on bass guitar and vocals, and Sonic on drums. You've got to check them out!!! They will be making their debut on Friday, December 17, 2004 at Callahan's on Frankford Avenue in N.E. Philly (right next to the Mayfair diner) check it out. It is sure to be a good time!!! There's going to be great music, hot girls, and plenty of booze for all. Spread the word to check out Hopper's new band (remember all the fun you had at Rockets shows when he was in the band?) please spread the word!!! Thanks a bunch!!! If you need to contact Dr. Cooper management call: (215)870-3580 or e-mail: By Diane

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