Clokwork 05/2005 By Annalisa


Clokwork, a group of energetic 20-something kids who performs very well in crowded bars in the city.   

A cover band composed of charismatic, outgoing dudes who entertain the crowd with everybodyís favorite songs.

From classic rock to modern rock, their guitarist Jeff Sargent can strum the notes on his guitar without any hassles. 

Despite the fact that their lead singer is not a fan of girls dancing on stage, the rest of the band enjoys the presence of their fans.

Clokwork is a talented ensemble which can bring a quiet pub to a loud jumping bar with songs by Blink 182, Aerosmith, Maroon 5, Green Day and others. 

Check out these cute guys and enjoy their presence on-stage and off-stage.  They are bunch of guys whose company youíll like to have, whether they are performing or just hanging out, itís always a good time.

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