Brookfield By Maria


Inspired by 311, Incubus and Blink 182, Brookfield, a band from Boston, rocked out a bar by giving the bar goers a taste of their music.  This quartet brought in most of the crowd that night and got the audience responding to their vigor.

“We like to see people jumping but we also want people to sway”, said Mikey J the Brookfield’s vocalist, a Heath Ledger look-a-like with S.A. Martinez’ vocal style.  This dude was born in Philadelphia and grew up in New Jersey.  Later, he went to college in Massachusetts where he joined the band. 

Brookfield’s music is catchy and no one would get tired of listening to their CD.  The song “She Does” was the crowd’s favorite.  It got everyone dancing, grooving and singing with them.  With lyrics, “Never gonna break me/ Never gonna take my time/ Like She Does”, will make you think it’s a sweet song about a girl, but you got it all wrong.

The chemistry between Matt (drummer), Steu (bass), Adam (guitar) and Mikey J (vocals) is like the pancake and syrup you can’t resist having.  Just like their song Twilight, no one can resist the temptation to move to the front and sway their hips to the appealing tunes it offers.  With an upbeat lyric like, In the twilight seeing/ Days behind me leaving/ Reflections streaming/ In the twilight seeing/ Love will teach you everything about this world. 

Ahhhh…  What a breath of fresh air. 

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