Bliss Puppies 03/2005 By Priscila

By random, I stumbled upon the Bliss Puppies, playing in a bar in south of center city.  The Bliss Puppies is an original band from Philadelphia.  There were three things this band has going for them.  First, the band members played their instruments well.  Second, their songs are very interesting.  And lastly, the lead singer, Ben is sooo cute (I had a little crush on him- puppy love-get it?).  Watching Bliss Puppies was enjoyable and highly recommended.  However, the band has a room for improvement.  The band needs to improve their way of communicating with their audience.

Everyone in Bliss Puppies played their instruments very well.  Great beat, synergy and musical abilities graces from every band players.  The music emerging from the keyboard was exceptional. As I sit and take a sip of my drink, my eyes wondered to the hands of the keyboardist.  He plays with 2 keyboards at the same time and I was amazed with his talent. 

The most interesting aspect of this band is their music. Their songs are heavily influenced by jazz and funk.  The sounds from the keyboards created the hint of jazz and meshed well with the remaining instrumentals.  The songs were mostly written by their lead vocal, Ben.  Josh mentioned that most of their songs are about relationships or better yet, the lack of relationships (thatís a little impossible because Ben is a hottie).  For a better term for their songs, I picture their songs to be played in a plush bar in Ocean City, California.  Their music is of different sound which makes this band stands out.  Just what is expected from a Philadelphia original band -a place of rich musical culture (as we always say Philly musicians rock!).

In addition to their great songs, I like the fact that it was sung by a hottie.  Ben is tall, has dark hair and has a profound voice.  (Darn! I forgot to ask him if he was single).

 In watching the band perform, I noticed that they need some improvement on engaging their audience.  First, the band did not greet the audience when they started playing.  The audience was greeted in the middle of the bandís set. In addition, the band failed to mention the following; the name of the songs (which they played very well), their website (where people can contact them, check their schedule, check their bios and buy their cd), invitation to the audience to another of their live performances, date and release of an up coming album (so your fans will know when to purchase your cd).   I believe that repetition is the key to a successful marketing and they should invite the audience to come see them again. Why not? They already like live music thatís why theyíre here.

Over all, the band has a clear-cut talent.  Bliss Puppies songs are downright good songs with a mix of rock, jazz and funk.  However, there is still room for improvement specially on imparting with their audience.  I would love to see this band again and have a blissful time.

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