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            The Zone is one of Philadelphia’s hottest coolest original band and my own personal favorite.  Not just that they are all hot, they are also a lot of fun.  They have an awesome song selection, talent, great performance and so… fun to hang out with!  In addition, they also got nominated over and over again by their friends (fans).


            The Zone has a song selection that ranges from Nirvana and Bon Jovi thru the Killer’s and Maroon 5.  They have a very flexible selection that entertains almost everyone in the bar, from the 40 something thru the 20 something crowd.  The Zone plays contemporary rock, popular rock and original songs.  In addition, the Zone has two original CD’s out entitled, “Return the Favor” and “Take Care of your Bartenders”. 


            The Zone performs well; they have great synergy and engage the audience.  Everyone in the band is animated. The lead singer dances and has an awesome voice.  He hits all the high notes and has a great smile!  He has a lot of energy and he dances on almost every song he sings. Also, the other band members have the coolest facial expression that reflects so much emotion when they perform.  They also make witty comments in between songs that are entertaining. The band exudes confidence and enjoyment in performing and audiences are guaranteed a good time.


            In addition, the band was just so nice to hang out with. Speaking from experience, the Zone has to be the best interview I had the chance of having!  They are funny and no “rock star- I’m better than you attitude”!  They made jokes, laughed and “down to earth”, I left the interview feeling really good about it!  They have personalities that match their physique.  The band members are all hot!


            The Zone has great song selection, great performers, attitude and they are all good looking.  This makes the Zone, a PhillyBandAid and our reader’s nominee for Cover Band of the year and Band of the month for May 2005.

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