Split Decision

By: Priscila

Derived from unanimous votes, PhillyBandAids has Split Decision as the band of the month.  We have chosen Split Decision as band of the month for February.  Split Decision is one of our favorite because they have a great song selection, they’re animated when performing, they’re good looking and their fans love them.


Someone may ask, "What's the deal with this band?"  "How come they have so many fans?" Split Decision has so many fans because this band gives their fan's exactly what they want.  From forty-something to twenty-something male and female, most of them have Split on their top five.   They play songs by Maroon 5 to Bon Jovi songs.   This band also plays new songs we hear on the radio and just about everything anyone need for a great time. 


Split Decision can definitely perform very well because they have such a great stage presence.  Their audience loves to watch them because the audience can feel their music.  They are animated when it comes to upbeat songs but sincerely sings every song they play. Everyone in this band emotes to the songs.  You can see it in their faces and their moves on stage.  It is easy to conclude that this band loves to perform.  Split Decision has no problem in getting their audience involved and engrossed… 


Another reason we like going to Split Decision shows is because of the people we hang out with on their shows.  The fans of this band are cool.  We see so many familiar faces that have been religiously going to every single Split shows...  It's like a Sunday at church when you see the same people. You smile; you reach for their hands and give them a big hug.  The reason this is so, is because Split has their own “fan club”, which they call Split Girls and all of them are faithful followers.  Also, their fans are from all walks of life and most of them consider the band members as their friends or buddies.  Night after Night, Rain or Shine and Weeknights to weekends the fans of Split sing, dances, devoted and truly love them.


The men of Split Decision are eye candies. Christian, Ray, Doug, Walt and Jimmy are so hot!  Girls line up just to see them perform.  Christian and Doug do it for me…  I think they are so cute.  I often ask people who likes Split who is hotter between Christian or Doug but their answer is mostly Jimmy and Ray so I am confused. 


So not with a knock out but unanimous decision of judges, Split Decision is our band of the month because of their good performances, great song list, animated moves, hot bodies and faithful fans.   We just don’t know any other local cover bands that have such loyal fans. 



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