Monkey Bus

By: Maria

 I was assigned to pick the Band of the Month this March and I was really torn up between the Element, an original band and Monkey Bus, a cover band.  We all know that both bands are great.  Both are passionate about entertaining people.  Both have a faithful group of followers. 


But what separates these two bands (aside from one band got more nominations from fans) is the true-down-to-earth persona of the band.  This March’s BOM has their audience as their number one priority whenever they go out and perform.


Monkey Bus’ motto every time they have a gig is to give their crowd the best time of their lives!  They perform to pleasure their audience… They perform their hearts out to them… They perform because they want people to have fun…


Monkey Bus has been playing for nine years.  They are a group of guys who are bonded by friendship and loyalty.  Although, how they got their band’s name is still vague, they let me in a little secret about the history behind it.  You want to know it too?  Okay. 


One day Darryl, a black cook from Media was hanging outside with the band.  The band at this time was trying to figure out a name for their group.  Darryl blurted out, “I’m a Black man,” and a trolley passed by.  Then he added, “Name it Monkey Bus”, pointing to the trolley. 


The modesty and the energy that Monkey Bus possesses earned them a lot of devoted fans and excellent friends.  From the Towne House Girls, to the regulars at Joclyn’s, to the EMS/Fire personnel, to even the other guys and gals from other bands, Monkey Bus is truly a band you would want to watch and hang out with sometime.   


Please don’t look down on cover bands. Just like the original bands they too have the talent to create their own masterpieces.  Just like what Michael Esposito Jr. said, “The reason we are a cover band is because we want people to have a good time.  Each one of us has their own stuff (original) going on but we just do not have the time as a whole band.  It can change and the original thing can still happen.  But playing covers is for people to have fun!” 


It is all about the fans for Monkey Bus.  They go out there and perform their best because they want other people to have fun.  “We are not in a band that has an ego trip.  We want everyone to have a good time.  That’s what we always try to do.  I know everyone (other bands) might say that, but we are SERIOUS about it!” said Cheeze.   They sure are very serious about it because when you see them perform, you know they are SERIOUS about it. 

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