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Alex Levine’s Dessert Rock


Alex Levine uses the term “Desert Rock” to describe his music.  His songs are very lyrically driven and different. Alex stated that his influence comes from living in the state of Arizona .  Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any songs from Arizona and I don’t know the music played in Arizona or it’s ethnology.  It is hard to confirm if Alex’s music is something that could be derived from Desert living, about the desert or rocking in the desert without ever being in the desert (duh).  However, I could comment on what his music is not, it is not Pop Punk, Metal, Heavy Rock, Rap nor New Wave. I could categorize his music under Adult Alternative (Adult Alternative is described by Radio AOL as alternative rock for musically adventurous adult).  In addition, he could be referred to as a balladeer because of his songs’ captivating lyrical contents.

From his song 3 Tales “You deserve much more than me, my dear/You’re so kind before your years/and to treat me like a super star that I so long to be./I can see it in your eyes you love me for all time.”  Alex Levine’s 10 tracks CD is entitled, Through and Angel or A Devil’s Eye. And my personal favorite is the following tracks; “Same Sad Story”, “ Plymouth Manor” and “3 Tales”.   His song 3 Tales reminded me of the time when one of my many ex-boyfriends had broken up with me with the line:  “it’s not about you, it  was about me” kind of crap (Awww!).  His songs have great musical lyrics about leaving or moving-on.  In his website, states that he has peaceful music for mind and soul.  Don’t get me wrong his songs are good but his music is not exactly peaceful for mind and soul.  He has some songs that contain beats you can sing too but has too much beat to be used to meditate and be at peace with the mind and soul.  Interestingly, Alex Levine’s music is not something I would light a candle and do meditation or yoga with.  It is something I could listen to in a car or at home waiting for my toe nails to dry.

In regards to his performance, I liked his voice and apparently, the audience liked his performance as well. On his fourth song he played that evening, he had the complete attention of the audience and the room stood still to listen.  Alex emotes when he sings and it is apparent that he enjoyed writing them.  If I was asked if his music is something I would listen to. I would reply with “Sure why not”. In an interview with Alex Levine, he strives to be original and he is successful in doing so.  However, I need to give a better description for our readers so I am taking a risk by comparing Alex Levine’s songs to the songs of the following artists John Mayer, Third Eye Blind or Finger Eleven.  If John Mayer’s “Your body is a wonderland”, Third Eye Blind’s “how’s it going to be” or Finger Eleven’s “One Thing” are songs that rocks your boat then I could suggest you check out Alex Levine. Alex Levine’s CD is on sale at the following web address:

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