AJ is the undeniably cute guy who plays guitar and keyboards for an undeniably cute band called Monkey Bus.  This 28 year old  guy has been playing with Monkey Bus for 2 years.  He started out with other bands 8 years ago with friends from Clokwork and 52 PickUp. 

AJ didnít start playing the guitar until he was 18.  He used to work for a clothing store and also went to college for Engineering.  Then he realized that his real calling is to entertain people.

            What is your inspiration?

AJ:      I just love entertaining people.  Itís exhilarating being in front of people.  My job is my passion.  I also get to meet people, new people.

            Do you hate anything about your job?

AJ:      The hours.  Sometimes I wish I have a 9-5 job.  Also I donít like not having the weekends off.

            Do you write any original songs?

AJ:      Yeah, I write.  I also do a little recording. 

            What kind of Songs?  Love songs?  Hate songs?

AJ:      More like the up-tempo music.  Iím tired of all the hate songs on the radio.

            Who is your favorite band?

AJ:      311

            For how long do you think you will be doing this job?

AJ:      As long as Iím having fun.

            If you werenít a band member, what would you be?

AJ:      A H.S. math teacher.  My dad is a history teacher and I talked to some of his students and they said that they enjoyed my dadís class.  So I want that too to be said about me.  I want to go back to school and become a math teacher.

            What job would you never attempt?

AJ:      A doctor or a nurse.  I just canít stand blood and guts and it seems like its too much pressure.  No offense.

            None taken.  Anyways, do you wear boxers or briefs?

AJ:      boxers

            Do you like to be on top or bottom?

AJ:      It depends.

            On what?

AJ:      I like to be on the bottom sometimes.  But Iíll definitely say on top!

            (How u doiní?)  What is your favorite feature on a girl?

AJ:      Eyes and lips.

            Not tits?  Kidding.  What turns you on?

AJ:      Sexually, clean women who dresses nicely and who care about their looks.  Non-sexually, friendly people.

            Turn offs?

AJ:      Cockiness, over confidence.  I also donít have time for negativity.

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