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Tips On Advertising launched on December of 2004 believing in the talents of Philly, Jersey and Delaware musicians.  We support local music because we have faith that the future of the music industry is in the hands of the talented local musicians. provides pictures, reviews, interviews and information regarding cover and original bands and performers in our area.  We believe that our area has an abundance of talented performers enjoying and loving their craft.  They tire endlessly, to perform and entertain.  We are forever curious of who they are, what made them start performing, what they are doing and what they are about.   It is our love of live local performances and our admiration to the talent and efforts of artist that inspires us to write articles and maintain this site. 

In addition, we would like to provide a “free” magazine about local bands and performers. We believe that there is a market for a local magazine that is informative and entertaining regarding local performers.

You can choose to advertise or sponsor a section of our site and advertise to our upcoming PhillyBandAids Magazine. For more information and quotes please contact us by email:  You can also choose to speak to an individual. Please contact, Priscila S. at 215-732-2823.

All prices are subject to change without notice unless specified in a short term contract.  PhillyBandAids reserves the right to refuse selling of advertisement and sponsorships from business that may affect their independence.

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