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Advertising with PhillyBandAids will bring impact to your business.  PhillyBandAids will provide a vehicle for effective commercial communication. 

PhillyBandAids bring in readers from ages 21 to 55.  PhillyBandAids keeps the site interesting and keeps readers coming back through weekly updates and contests and promotions.  PhillyBandAids has a lot to offer their readers which makes them worth the time to go online for and check out the site. 

PhillyBandAids also has a mailing list and sends e-mails weekly to members.  If you advertise with PhillyBandAids, a text ad (a link to your site) will be included on the e-mails for free. 

Therefore, why not advertise with PhillyBandAids and take advantage of their growing popularity?  


-Lower cost

-Wider Exposure

-Much easier to make changes

-Much easier to test ads

-Only a mouse click away (canít stress that too much)

PhillyBandAids will provide you with prices and example banners for your business. 

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 A sponsorship is a paid effort from an advertiser to tie its name to a company, an event, or a venue that reinforces its brand in a positive, yet not overtly commercial, manner.  Sponsorships are a different way of promoting your business.  A sponsorship is but a one piece of a large plan to create warm fuzzies in the heart of consumers whenever they see the brand.

To become a sponsor or would like to sponsor an event with PhillyBandAids please contact us:      Priscila or Maria                                              

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