Red Stanley

Red Stanley’s, a local Philadelphia Band rocked out Olde City as they performed their original songs.  Their performance was highly energized and their songs have good beats.  Their songs entitled Juliet and Ruby Star, rocked and they had the audience’s attention.

Red Stanley’s performance was highly energized.  Bill Lohre, the lead singer described their songs as classical rock and roll and hyperactive, as he compared it with Ritalin. Their songs have great instrumentals and beats.  Notably, the drum beats were really great and the bass player was good.  My favorites of their songs include Juliet and Ruby Star.

I really liked their performance and I almost felt like dancing (just got a little shy).  This band hopes to play at the “Linc” someday and it may happen for this band.  

The Red Stanley’s
Vocals: Bill Lohre
Guitar: Tom Lohre
John Gritt
Bass:Troy Hill
Drums: Marques Comar

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