Chris M. of the Zone

By Priscila




The Zone is PhillyBandAidís Band of the Month for May 2005.I was fortunate to interview the Zone.I interviewed Chris M. of the Zone.This cutie is very talented and plays the guitar with the band.


Band Aid (BA): You were grooving out on the set there.


Chris M (CA): Thank you. I was a little nervous.


CA: Were you?

BA: (Hey, Iím supposed to be the one asking questions) Yeah.Cause I was by myself.


CA: But youíre not on stage.Not that everyone wasnít looking at you.Cause I think they were.

BA: (OhÖ I like him!) Oh thank you.You know Iím posting that. (laughs)


CA: Done


BA: So whatís your favorite song?


CA: Song (thinking) Oh thereís too many.There some romantic mode, a hyper mode or driving. I got a lot of good songs.


BA: So where do you find your inspiration?


CA: Music in general


BA: What music do you like most playing?


CA: Lately, some of the faster stuff.Like the new Green Day, Killers, Dance Music


BA: What do you feel about the %^&* lyrics, harsh isnít it?


CA: AhÖ I love Jesus of Suburbia.I liked that.


BA: So are you single?


CA: I am married.


BA: Thank you.


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