52 Pick-Up 03/2005


Thus emerge the band 52 Pick-Up.  A party band composed of Eric, the front man; Ryan, the guitarist; Brian, on bass; Jack, on guitar; and TJ, the drummer.

This is the band with the hottest and the most exotic followers in town.  Brazilian women, who go wild with every song the 52 sings…  Brazilian women, who dance in unison in front of the stage…  Brazilian women, who not only attracts the band members’ attention but of the audience’s too… 

The males in the crowd were definitely enjoying the show.  I was just not sure if they were getting entertained by the band or the hot women with the band.

Now let’s talk about the band.  52 Pick-Up got the crowd jumping and jiving with them.  The place they were playing at was not really a “band” hot-spot, but 52 Pick-Up brought the house down that night.

With songs like Black Eyed Pea’s “Let’s Get It Started”, to back-in-the-day songs like “Tricky”, 52 Pick-Up can keep the ball rolling… And keep the fans happy!

The guys in the band are charming on stage and great instigators to get drunk and party!  If you are looking for a night out with a lot of dancing involved plus a live band, go to a 52 Pick-Up show!

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